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6. série – neuskutečněné nápady

6. série - neuskutečněné nápady (překlad brzy, hned jak bude chvilka)

6. série

Upozorňujeme, že seriál skončil 5. sérii a že následovat bude už jen film. Tyto popisy zveřejnil Joseph Mallozzi jako možné návrhy epizod pro 6. sérii, se kterými tvůrci přišli dříve, než byl seriál oficiálně ukončen...

01. Now What I?()

Our big two-part premiere would have picked up where we’d left off after the shocking events of our fifth season finale: Enemy at the Gate. Would have picked up? What am I saying? WILL pick up since the idea originally conceived for the opening two-parter will now be the basis of the first Stargate: Atlantis movie, the difference being that we’ll be able to tell our story on a much bigger, visual effects-laden, character-centered canvas.

02. Now What II?()

Pokračovaní předcházejícího dílu...

03. Children of the Corn/Fantastic Four()

This was a story I pitched early in season 5 that involved our team, on the Daedalus, coming across a seemingly derelict ship. They board and, while searching the darkened interior, discover a group of children in stasis. They revive the kids who explain they were enroute to a planet where they were to be reunited with their parents, colonists who had completed work on a new satellite community. The children are welcomed aboard and are being ferried to their destination when a mystery ship appears and opens fire on the Daedalus. Our heroes try to outpace their pursuer and, as a game of intergalactic cat and mouse ensues, the team begins to suspect that their young passengers may not be as innocent and harmless as they appear…

04. Carl’s Replicator Story()

If there are two subjects that Carl Binder embraces more than any others, it’s ghosts and replicators (see: Progeny, The Real World, Phanthoms, Echoes, Lifeline, Ghost in the Machine to name a few), so we simply assumed that when he returned from winter hiatus, he’d have a script for us that focused either one or the other. The placeholder title is Carl’s Replicator Story but it could just as easily have been Carl’s Ghost Story.

05. Classic Atlantis()

Marty G. wanted to do a story that took place in the early years of the Atlantis expedition, sort of a flashback to an adventure we’d never seen (along the lines of the Lost SG-1 Episode Rob had discussed doing years back). Given Torri’s reluctance to reprise the role of Elizabeth Weir in Ghost in the Machine (after all, the whole point of doing the episode would have been to reconnect with some familiar faces) and Paul‘s reluctance to do a flashback episode that begged the question “Why the hell DIDN‘T we see this in season one?”, the story was shelved.

06. Carter Rashomon()

This was a story idea that didn’t make the cut in season 4 and ended up in the season 5 slush pile despite the fact that Carter was no longer the base commander. It was originally envisioned as our spin on Kurosawa’s 1950 classic. Colonel Carter faces a possible court-martial and dismissal after an off-world op goes awry. During the ensuing investigation, we are offered three different flashback versions of the charged events. What happened and what was she being accused of? Guess we’ll never know. Since it didn’t make the cut in season 5, I moved it into the potential season 6 episode discussion list.

07. The Red Shirt Diaries()

Carl wanted to do a story told from the POV of a red shirt, one of those ubiquitous no-names we lose over the course of various off-world ops who are instantly mourned then quickly forgotten in the episode tag when the team is yukking it up in the cafeteria. In this particular episode, Carl posits the possibility that this supposed red shirt aint so red after all and, rather than being killed in the line of duty, is captured. Of course, Stargate teams have a standing “No man left behind” policy and it isn’t long before Sheppard and co. mount a rescue op…

08. Sheppard D.O.A.()

Hey, remember the brilliant thriller starring Edmond O’Brien as a man who had been poisoned and had only a few days to find out who killed him and why? No? Remember the actioner starring Jason Statham as a man who has been poisoned (by a drug that will kill him if his heart rate drops) and has a limited amount of time to seek out some answers and dole out revenge? Yes? Well, close enough. It’s a great premise that would have been fun to do - seeing Sheppard race to uncover the truth about who afflicted him and why - except for a couple of problems. First, we were already doing an episode in which one of our characters is afflicted and living on borrowed time (qv The Shrine). Secondly, what made the original DOA so great (and Crank interesting) was that our protagonists were doomed. The light at the end of the tunnel wasn’t a cure. It was nothing more than the answer to great mystery. Well, the answer to a great mystery and, quite literally, a light at the end of the tunnel.

09. The Replacements()

Brad pitched out a story in which the team run afoul of an alien race and, while being pursued, end up victims of a temporal effect that catapults them six months into the future. They return to Atlantis to find they’ve been given up for dead and replaced. As they attempt to settle in to their new positions (and work with their replacements) the alien race indirectly responsible for their predicament pays Atlantis a visit…

10. Mid-season two parter I()

Had we received that sixth season pick-up, we would have inevitably tossed around ideas for a big season arc or two. Atlantis ends up trapped in a pocket of space-time that completely cuts them off from Earth? With the help of some mysterious allies, the wraith become a resurgent threat to the Pegasus Galaxy? When the Atlantis Expedition becomes the target of some well-executed attacks, it becomes clear to all that a former friend is out for revenge? You pick. Whatever the big season arc, we would have undoubtedly touched upon it here.

11. Mid-season two parter II()

Pokračovaní předcházejícího dílu...

12. Hamster Ball()

Sometimes you come up with an idea fully formed. Other times, it may be nothing but a vision. In this case, a vision of the individual team members trapped in giant hamster ball-like containment vessels. How do they get trapped? How do they get out? And, most importantly, what the hell else happens in this episode? You’ll have to ask Alan.

13. Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow()

McKay’s experiments with a time-traveling puddle jumper send the team both backwards and forwards in time. The story jumps from five years into the past (where one version of the team struggles to acquire the puddle jumper and undo the damage done without affecting the time line), five years into the future (where the wraith have taken over Atlantis and another version of the team is attempting to acquire the jumper so that they can warn their past selves), and the present (unaffected team) with developments in each timeline influencing events in the other. At the end of the day, despite my detailed, color-coded outline, everybody else’s head threatened to explode so the story was shelved.

14. Hexed()

Ah, the infamous Sheppard story that didn’t make the cut, much to the chagrin of the whumpers. While visiting a primitive off-world village, Sheppard is cursed by a resident witch. At first, Shep and co. laugh off the incident - until Sheppard runs into a spate of bad luck. Very bad luck! Suddenly, the team isn’t so sure what is going on and their search for answers turns up some very alarming complications. A fun premise that we shelved because, at the end of the day and despite being played for laughs, it would have painted Sheppard in a comical and potentially unheroic light, something that wouldn’t have sat well with Joe.

15. Entropy()

Paul wanted to do a story in which the effects of the McKay-Miller gate bridge have serious other-worldly repercussions for the city. As it turns out, we ended up doing an episode in which the McKay-Miller gate bridge ends up having serious all-too-worldly repercussions for a bunch of stranded scientists in season 5’s Brain Storm.

16. Revenge()

A certain alien race seeks revenge on Atlantis after we screw up their plans (qv that season 5 episode in which we screw up the plans of that alien race).

17. Payback()

Not to be confused with Revenge. A certain individual seeks payback on Atlantis after we screw up said individual’s plans (qv that season 5 episode in which we screw up that individual’s plans).

18. Turn of Events 2()

Okay, there was no original Turn Of Events. Almost - but not really. Years ago, we bought a freelance pitch from a writer who suggested the aforementioned title for the episode. Seriously. Turn of Events? Why not Suspense to Climax? Or A Teaser and Five Acts in Focus? Or The Happening? The fact that we didn’t use it notwithstanding, it proved such a popular title within the writing department that Alan thought it only right that we include it in the season-that-never-was mix.

19. Pre-finale()

Remember that big season-long arc we discussed earlier in the year? Well, this episode sets up the big pay-off.

20. Finale()

Our big VFX-studded season finale sees the pay-off to that significant story arc, the answers to lingering questions, a few surprises, and the cliff-hanger ending that will smoothly segue into our season 7 premiere…